Day: August 21, 2005

  • Cingular’s 6682 Pricing

    Take a peek at Darla’s blog if you’re curious about Cingular’s pricing of the Nokia 6682 both on and off contract. While I hope that Lets Talk or Amazon can do just a little bit better, but this is definitely a step in the right direction if indeed the picture is legit (which I’ll bet it is).

  • My New Class 1 Bluetooth Dongle

    I’ve had a trusty low power Bluetooth dongle for a couple of years now, but I jumped on the opportunity to pick up a Hawking Tech HBTC1 Class 1 adapter for $10 after rebates at CompUSA. I wasn’t able to determine on the taco if this puppy worked with Linux or not, but I decided that It would be useful even if it didn’t for $10.

    Unfortunately the definitive listing of Bluetooth devices that work under Linux with BlueZ has been taken off the air:

    Whether or not you’re selling them makes no difference. The problem is due to the distribution of them from your Web site. Please note that the use and distribution of non-qualified products is a violation of the Bluetooth License Agreement. As neither of these products have been qualified using Linux it is illegal to make them available for public use.

    Total bummer. For the time being anyway you can find the list thanks to The Internet Archive. My Hawking tech device wasn’t listed, but I can assure you that at least hcitool scan works just fine.

  • Newcomers to the Bookshelf

    Newcomers to my bookshelf

    Several new books have landed on to my bookshelf recently and I thought I’d take a minute to highlight them:

  • Nokia N70 Gets FCC Approval

    I went trawling the FCC website looking for dirt on the latest devices and their FCC approval status this morning when I stumbled across this one: The FCC has approved the N70 from Nokia UK. Take that at face value folks, it just means that the N70 is appoved for sale in the US, not that any carrier has picked it up for mass dispersal. It is a good sign though that progress is being made on the N70, and increases the chances of us seeing the N70 en masse slightly above the magic 8 ball saying “DON’T COUNT ON IT”.

    Still, it’s quite an interesting development!

  • Nokia 6682 Real Soon Now?

    MobileTracker mentioned that there’s a print ad for the 6682 in this month’s Wired (on page 71 of my copy). They’re jumping to the conclusion that the ad along with images of the 6682 stealthily existing on Cingular’s web server are imperical evidence that the 6682 is shipping Real Soon Now.

    I’m pretty skeptical at this point. This ad looks identical to one that was seen in another magazine sometime in July and it’s late August now. While I remain hopeful that the 6682 will ship sooner rather than later, I wouldn’t be suprised if it didn’t see the light of day until September or even October.

    The best unsubstantiated rumours by far are on this Howard Forums thread: Nokia 6682 Coming in July? It’s on something like page 39 now.