Cingular’s 6682 Pricing



Take a peek at Darla’s blog if you’re curious about Cingular’s pricing of the Nokia 6682 both on and off contract. While I hope that Lets Talk or Amazon can do just a little bit better, but this is definitely a step in the right direction if indeed the picture is legit (which I’ll bet it is).


4 responses to “Cingular’s 6682 Pricing”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Thanks for posting this news. I just bought a 6620 since I was tired of waiting on Cingular to release the 6682. Have you noticed any incompatibilities on older phones (6620) when developing for Series 60?

    The only thing I’ve found so far is that some of the miso functions require feature pack 2.

  2. Tom Avatar

    FYI:I just bought the Nokia 6682 from a customer service rep at Cingular. Price $299 +$12 priority shipping and a 2 yr contract.
    She had a hard time finding it as it is not yet listed on the web site. No car chargers avail yet.
    Just thought I would let you know…..

  3. Donald Avatar

    Run, do no walk from this company. Six of their telereps assured me they’d issue me a refund for a screw-up charge, and to date, the money hasn’t appeared. In my experience, they’re extremely unprofessional.

    -Another Dissatisfied Cingular Customer

  4. Samara Mccracken Avatar

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