Nokia 6682 Real Soon Now?



MobileTracker mentioned that there’s a print ad for the 6682 in this month’s Wired (on page 71 of my copy). They’re jumping to the conclusion that the ad along with images of the 6682 stealthily existing on Cingular’s web server are imperical evidence that the 6682 is shipping Real Soon Now.

I’m pretty skeptical at this point. This ad looks identical to one that was seen in another magazine sometime in July and it’s late August now. While I remain hopeful that the 6682 will ship sooner rather than later, I wouldn’t be suprised if it didn’t see the light of day until September or even October.

The best unsubstantiated rumours by far are on this Howard Forums thread: Nokia 6682 Coming in July? It’s on something like page 39 now.


4 responses to “Nokia 6682 Real Soon Now?”

  1. Darla Mack Avatar

    Lol, wasn’t there a pic on HoFo with the Cingular advertisement board that they received but couldn’t display? I don’t think the ad’s mean anything at this moment.

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