Day: November 18, 2003

  • Croydon’s Law of Internet Connectivity

    I came to the following conclusion this morning:

    Croydon’s law of internet connectivity: Do not praise your ISP, as your connection will go down shortly thereafter.

    Luckily remote sibling protocol came through and everything is up and running again.

  • HP’s $1200 AMD64 Deal


    HP is attempting to position the 8000Z below its low-end Itanium-based machines and above its most robust Pentium-based PCs. The 8000Z will be available for purchase Wednesday for around $1200 plus or minus $100 depending on the rebates available. The Athlon 64 is manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices.

    Wow!  That’s a pretty good deal considering that the AMD64 chip alone costs over $400 on the street.  AMD64 motherboards don’t cost a ton more than their XP counterparts.  The rest of the required components are pretty much the same as a regular desktop machine.

    It’s those chips.  They’ve got to come down in price before myself and the many other homebuilders are going to start buying in any significant quantity.

    A desktop with a $1200 price point is definitely the first step.  Thanks, HP.

  • Thank You Comcast!

    Comcast has been slowly upping the download bandwidth on their cable customers across the US.  I received a hot tip yesterday that I should run some bandwidth tests to see if the new faster firmware had been pushed to my cable modem.  Sure enough, it has.  Right now I’m pulling down about 2782kbps.  The thumbnail above links to the full sized table.

    Thanks, Comcast!