HP’s $1200 AMD64 Deal




HP is attempting to position the 8000Z below its low-end Itanium-based machines and above its most robust Pentium-based PCs. The 8000Z will be available for purchase Wednesday for around $1200 plus or minus $100 depending on the rebates available. The Athlon 64 is manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices.

Wow!  That’s a pretty good deal considering that the AMD64 chip alone costs over $400 on the street.  AMD64 motherboards don’t cost a ton more than their XP counterparts.  The rest of the required components are pretty much the same as a regular desktop machine.

It’s those chips.  They’ve got to come down in price before myself and the many other homebuilders are going to start buying in any significant quantity.

A desktop with a $1200 price point is definitely the first step.  Thanks, HP.