Darwin Calendar Server Status Update




Wilfredo Sánchez Vega posted an update on the status of Darwin Calendar Server to the calenderserver-dev mailing list this afternoon with a status update on the project. Check the full post for details, but here’s the takeaway:

We think the server’s in pretty solid shape right now. Certainly there are still some bugs that have to be fixed before we can roll up a “1.0” release, but the core functionality is all in place now, and we think it’s fairly useable in its current state.

There is also a preview release in the works, so keep a close eye on the mailing list and the Darwin Calendar Server site.


6 responses to “Darwin Calendar Server Status Update”

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  2. Tony Sheets Avatar
    Tony Sheets


    Have you had any more experience with the Calendar Server? I am about to start playing with the Leopard Server version. I am curious as to how extensible it may be. I am the IT Director for an Ad Agency, but I am working on a new business that has critical Calendaring needs. I think with a Python wrapper and few missing components Open Calendar Server could make it all work. Am I correct to infer from some of your posts that you’re in Lawrence, KS? I went to KU. Live in Prairie Village, KS (KCK) now. Drop me a line when you get a chance, love to talk about this stuff with you.


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