Symbian: Quietly outperforming RAZRs and iPods



Earlier this evening I was reading this Fortune article on the success of the Motorola RAZR. While skimming the article I couldn’t help but look at the graphic to the right and say “that’s it?” My fellow Mobitopians and I have been watching the total number of Symbian phones shipped quietly and spectacularly increase. Here’s a quick breakdown:

It’s been really amazing watching these quarterly reports over the years. The total number of units shipped per quarter continues to rise, and per usual, Symbian is quietly outselling RAZRs and iPods alike.

So congratulations, Apple and Motorola, you’ve shipped a lot of units. It’s time to get back to work though, you have some catching up to do.

Update: The Symbian numbers are indeed cumulative.  I quoted cumulative units shipped because that’s what the chart from Fortune depicts.  For further analysis, check out this post on techtype.


7 responses to “Symbian: Quietly outperforming RAZRs and iPods”

  1. raddedas Avatar

    Very interesting – but I think if you made your stats a little more comparable the picture would not look quite the same. In the period since the RAZR was launched 100 Symbian devices have cumulatively outsold the Razr by a couple of million units – impressive, but not quite as world conquering as a skim read of your post suggests. Stating that the Symbian figures are cumulative would bea good start…

    More detail and speculation:

  2. Nick Avatar

    I suspect that’s not just one RAZR though. That’s likely to be the v3, v3i, v3x and all the colours of the above at the very least. In the same way that the iPod is gen’s 1-5 mini nano shuffle. Good point though.

  3. Dean Bubley Avatar

    On the other hand, if you were going to compare apples with apples, might it not be worth going back to cumulative shipments of the last major rev of Motorola’s embedded featurephone platform software?

    (I forget what it’s called, but it’s been roughly the same OS since the launch of the V600 & brethren, up to the current RAZR range)

  4. B ill Avatar
    B ill

    Honestly, whu cares?? You are a nerd. Also, do any of these devices run linux?

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