Nokia 770 Gains FCC Approval




I had completely missed this, but aparently the Nokia 770 was approved by the FCC on Friday. Thanks for the heads up, Koen! Everyone in #maemo is drooling right about now.

Here’s some more information in PDF form:


8 responses to “Nokia 770 Gains FCC Approval”

  1. Nokia 770 gets FCC go-ahead

    Internet Tablet Talk and Postneo 2.0 both reported this morning that the Nokia 770 had received its FCC approval. “Expect the availability of the Nokia 770 any day now!” itT exulted.

  2. […] Matt has posted this good news with a bunch of links from FCC’s website here. Nokia 770 is something I’ve been waiting for a long time. It will be a very good companion to my mobile phone and it will provide the comfort of browsing the web in my bed without thinking about my knees. Yes, even my Centrino-based system, a HP nx7010 becomes hot after two hours of web browsing. You don’t like it when it’s too hot outside too. Time is ticking for Nokia 770 now.. […]

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