Day: July 25, 2005

  • Darla Joins PhoneMag!

    I missed the formal announcement, but congrats to Darla Mack on her new job as an associate editor at PhoneMag! I’ve subscribed to their RSS feed and have been quite pleased with the amount of high quality content coming from over there.

    Go, Darla, Go!

  • Moto Q

    Motorola QI haven’t seen a whole lot of details about the Motorla Q aside from this press release, but I’m a bit perplexed. It looks a lot like a flattened Treo running Windows Mobile. I can’t tell from the small pictures I’ve seen, but the screen rez doesn’t look particularly spectactular.

    We’ll see, this could be the next Treo runaway hit (in the US anyway, the Treo numbers are crap when you look at worldwide smartphone sales).

    I wonder whatever happened to that iTunes phone…


    I guess the thing that bugs me the most is the Windows Mobile Smartphone UI on a screen that’s just way too big for that. I guess that’s the only way to not have to involve a stylus, but it just looks weird. At least it’s got the ‘tooth.

  • Konfabulator!

    It’s official: Yahoo snagged Konfabulator. It’s free now too. I really love it when cool tech gets bought by the big guys and re-released for free. Having apps like Konfabulator and Google Earth definitely gets rid of that “Cool but is it $X cool?” barrier.

    Go Yahoo! Nice buy.