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Motorola QI haven’t seen a whole lot of details about the Motorla Q aside from this press release, but I’m a bit perplexed. It looks a lot like a flattened Treo running Windows Mobile. I can’t tell from the small pictures I’ve seen, but the screen rez doesn’t look particularly spectactular.

We’ll see, this could be the next Treo runaway hit (in the US anyway, the Treo numbers are crap when you look at worldwide smartphone sales).

I wonder whatever happened to that iTunes phone…


I guess the thing that bugs me the most is the Windows Mobile Smartphone UI on a screen that’s just way too big for that. I guess that’s the only way to not have to involve a stylus, but it just looks weird. At least it’s got the ‘tooth.


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  1. Fred Grott Avatar

    Rumour is that the US providers are not allowing Moto to put out iTune sphone due to many providers invested in competing music store deals..

    Basically, it wil require Moto/Apple to dela in thsoe providers to acut of revenue from the iTunes store to get them to the table..

  2. Rui Carmo Avatar

    Well, the Q is really nothing much. It’s basically a Pocket PC running Magneto, which has imported portions of the smartphone UI – the iPAQ hw6500 is a very close match, and might be a bit faster.

  3. Rui Carmo Avatar

    Hmmm. Scratch that. It’s Windows Mobile 5 and an ARM, but it’s not a Pocket PC – the new screenshots show a proper Today screen instead of the bogus mock-ups we’d seen so far. So, it’s going to be anybody’s guess as to what enhancements (if any) the mail client will have to take advantage of the bigger screen… Plus, the current Exchange solution isn’t that great – it requires Exchange to send a layer 0 SMS message to the device to get new mail (and guess who ends up paying for all those SMSes…)

  4. Matt Croydon Avatar

    Thanks for digging in to that, Rui. I saw the shots on Engadget, and it just looks like a really low rez phone screen with giant text/icons. 🙂

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