Day: July 7, 2005

  • Aggregating Again

    The little linux box that runs my aggregator of choice has been down for the past week or two due to a physical location switch. The den-datacenter is taking shape but still needs more organization. The good news is that the aggregator/debian desktop and my Ubuntu/Windows desktop are both running via a 2 port KVM at my desk and I’m sorting out the rest of the bunch that will live on the other side of the room.

    I forgot how much I rely on my aggregator to keep me up to speed. Functioning without one required a lot more work checking various sites, and I’m sure that I missed a bunch of goodies that got away. Expect more technical posts soon!

  • Found Playlists: Mix of the Female Pursuasion

    A few years ago I put together a 2 disk mix for a very close friend whom I’ve since lost contact with and feel horrible for doing so. The mix captured several of the female artists (or at the very least female-fronted artists) that I was listening to at the time or already had in my collection. I ripped each CD to MP3 and then put together the mixes using Nero (I think) to burn them back to audio CDs. Looking at the list I can put my fingers on a commercial CD for each of these tracks (I think I was proud of myself for that at the time). Each of my mixes usually has one tragic, awkward flaw, but this is probably one of the best I ever put together.

    Without further adieu, here’s a list of the songs in the mix, with a link to the artist whenever possible:

    Mix of the Female Pursuasion – Disk 1

    1. Madonna – What it Feels Like for a Girl (remix)
    2. Element 101 – Cold Outside
    3. Sarah Harmer – Basement Apt.
    4. Nelly Furtado – San Francisco
    5. Jill Sobule – Big Shoes
    6. Poe – Haunted
    7. Supreme Beings of Leisure – Golddigger
    8. Alanis Morrisette – Perfect
    9. Esthero – Country Livin’ (The World I Know)
    10. Mary Prankster – Blue Skies Over Dundalk
    11. Luscious Jackson – Devotion
    12. Nelly Furtado – Shit on the Radio
    13. Angela Ammons – It Doesn’t Matter
    14. Jill Sobule – Bitter
    15. Element 101 – Telephone
    16. Poe – Walk the Walk
    17. Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul
    18. Sarah Harmer – Don’t Get Your Back Up
    19. Luscious Jackson – Sexy Hypnotist
    20. Mary Prankster – The World is Full of Bastards
    21. Tori Amos – Rapsberry Swirl
    22. Supreme Beings of Leisure – Never The Same

    Mix of the Female Pursuasion – Disk 2

    1. Sarah Harmer – I Thought I Knew You
    2. Nelly Furtado – Turn Out the Light
    3. Eddie From Ohio – Stupid American
    4. Tori Amos – Addicted
    5. Alanis Morrisette – Head Over Feet
    6. Jill Sobule – Karen by Night
    7. Poe – 5&1/2 Minute Hallway
    8. Esthero – Look at That Girl
    9. Hot Honey Magnet – Everything Changes
    10. Supreme Beings of Leisure – What’s the Deal
    11. Poe – Hey Pretty
    12. Luscious Jackson – Ladyfingers
    13. Jewel – Down so Long
    14. Mary Prankster – Mac & Cheese
    15. Alanis Morrisette – Not the Doctor
    16. Tori Amos – Playboy Mommy
    17. Jill Sobule – Heroes
    18. Element 101 – If Only My Heart Spoke
    19. Esthero – Taste So Sweet
    20. Supreme Beings of Leisure – You’re Always the Sun
    21. Sarah Harmer – Coffee Stain

    Looking back on this mix it doesn’t have a whole lot of depth, but it does a perfect job at capturing some of the CDs in heavy rotation at the time. It was great to revisit some of these websites to discover new releases, little tidbits, or the fact that the band broke up a long time ago.

    I apologize for boring you with a random playlist from the past, but the playlist and what it represents mean a lot to me.

  • Explosions in London

    Breaking news, there have been several explosions across London this morning. Details are sketchy right now, but so far Scotland Yard has confirmed 6 underground explosions and 1 above ground that tore apart a bus.

    Coverage can be found at Sky News, BBC News, and this Google News roundup.