Aggregating Again




The little linux box that runs my aggregator of choice has been down for the past week or two due to a physical location switch. The den-datacenter is taking shape but still needs more organization. The good news is that the aggregator/debian desktop and my Ubuntu/Windows desktop are both running via a 2 port KVM at my desk and I’m sorting out the rest of the bunch that will live on the other side of the room.

I forgot how much I rely on my aggregator to keep me up to speed. Functioning without one required a lot more work checking various sites, and I’m sure that I missed a bunch of goodies that got away. Expect more technical posts soon!


2 responses to “Aggregating Again”

  1. Don McArthur Avatar

    I’ve always had problems with “crazy mouse” switching from Windows to Linux with a KVM. I take it this is not a problem for you, eh?

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