SDLQuake on Maemo



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SDLQuake on Maemo x86

Yep, it had to be done. Above you can see SDLQuake running on Maemo x86. I haven’t tried it on the ARM target but I heard that it or a port of it should run just fine on ARM. Between various emulators and game engines, it shouldn’t be hard at all to amuse yourself with a Nokia 770.

No changes were required for this x86 build. ./configure, make and ./sdlquake.


13 responses to “SDLQuake on Maemo”

  1. MArcelo Avatar

    We also tried quake 1 ( quake sdl )on the maemo, and also on the real device. The bad news : terrible slow. We studied some forms os ARM assembly optimization, but the screen size just kills the performance.

    it runs about 0.5 fps on the real device : /

    I think for this first device.. 3d on be the way to go.. but others emulators could do just fine!

    Best regards

  2. Aapo Avatar

    Hi, do you know any projects trying to port Doom for Maemo platform? Personally, I think it is more suitable (i.e. it should run a little bit faster than 0.5 fps 🙂 for Nokia 770. And it would also be quite cool.

    Nice still to have all these classics on Nokia 770. Keep up the good work!

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