Day: April 13, 2005

  • Is DNS Broken?

    For what seems like the third time within a week, I’m getting absoluely no response from Comcast’s DNS servers. Luckily I can point my computers to DNS servers that I run, but the vast majority of Comcast customers don’t have the technical ability (or DNS servers) to do so.

    If you couple Comcast’s DNS issues with DNS cache poisioning, the following question comes to mind: Is DNS broken?

    If you’re a Comcast customer, your answer right now would probably be “yes.”

  • Contax: Rest in Peace

    DPReview broke the news yesterday:

    Kyocera Corporation (President: Yasuo Nishiguchi, hereafter called “Kyocera”) has decided to terminate CONTAX-branded camera business.

    The announcement saddens the camera geek in me. At the same time I’m not suprised. The photo industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Some companies successfully hopped on the digital bandwagon and were successful. Some tried digital and failed horribly. Kodak managed to hold out on digital in the beginning but has managed to do an amazing job at capturing the digital market. Kodak isn’t making slide projectors any more and has significantly reduced the different types of film, paper, and chemicals that it once did.

    Contax was just another victim of the digital age and the corporate bottom line. They had some very solid medium format and digital offerings, but obviously were not profitable enough.

    I wouldn’t expect this to be the last announcement of a historically big name traditional camera company just dissapearing. Everything is changing at such a rapid pace. Even a company doing the right thing may have a hard enough time catching its breath.