Is DNS Broken?




For what seems like the third time within a week, I’m getting absoluely no response from Comcast’s DNS servers. Luckily I can point my computers to DNS servers that I run, but the vast majority of Comcast customers don’t have the technical ability (or DNS servers) to do so.

If you couple Comcast’s DNS issues with DNS cache poisioning, the following question comes to mind: Is DNS broken?

If you’re a Comcast customer, your answer right now would probably be “yes.”


7 responses to “Is DNS Broken?”

  1. Abyss Avatar

    For everybody else I might recommend and . Easy enough to remember and I I have yet to see them go down, unlike comcast’s.

  2. Mike Avatar

    I ahve been using the UofM DNS servers since the last DNS outage and haven’t gone back since 🙂 Gotta love being 1 hop away from a DNS root server.

  3. Nate Avatar

    Yep, I am having the same problems with Comcast’s DNS caches (or DNS servers, depending on whether you use BIND or DJB terminology).

    In my case, the solution was to install a local DJBDNS cache and point my DNS to

  4. Gordon Avatar

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been having tons of Comcast DNS problems too. Still looking for a good solution, other than switching providers.

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