Day: May 11, 2004

  • Long Time, No Linkdump

    • OSDir pointed to a new and improved Markup Validation Service at the w3c.
    • Jeremy pointed to these Pine first use statistics and thinks that we can extrapolate the adoption rate of Unix-like systems from it.
    • I’ve subscribed to the official Google blog.  I’m pretty sure that the version of Rawdog that I’m running can handle it.  Also of note is the recent Blogger relaunch.
    • I just installed the latest version of PmWiki.  I’m still really impressed with the quality of this wiki.  It reminds me a lot of JSPWiki but it’s extremely lightweight (no database requirements)
    • Mobiletracker points to a news story about a Sony Ericsson phone that is 9 cm tall, 3.9 cm wide, and 1.9 cm thick.  That’s a small phone.  It weighs about 69 grams.  NEC also has a slightly larger but much thicker camera phone.
    • FreeCache is the poor man’s Akamai.  More cool stuff brought to you by The Internet Archive.
    • Slashdot carries the news of the first BMW-numbered Pentium M: the M755.  It’s nice to see Intel bit by The Megahertz Myth.
    • Wireless DevNet reports that RenderWare is coming to the N-Gage platform.
    • Michael Yuan has the skinny on the J2ME MultiMedia API on the Nokia 6600 and 6230.
    • The Symbian Q1 2004 results look good.  Very good.
    • Gizmodo links to an article at USA Today.  Will the real Nintendo DS please stand up?
  • TechTV: Rest in Peace

    Last week we all found out that Comcast is firing 285 TechTV workers.  Today Slashdot linked to and a FAQ.  I have problems with the purchase and the merger on so many levels.  It looks like Leo will be out of the picture entirely, as Call for Help was not picked up on the new network.  I have no idea what The Screen Savers is going to look like when the new channel goes live on May 28.

    I used to catch TechTV in the background over satellite and cable years ago, and it’s been a part of my geeky existance off and on ever since.  I’ll have The Screen Savers from last night on while I’m getting ready for work today.

    I’ve always had a bit of a problem with G4.  They have a few solid hours of programming each day, but their filler far outweighs their content.  That’s not to say that TechTV doesn’t have its fair share of filler, but most of the time it’s half way decent.  I guess that I’m just not a hardcore enough gamer to watch the same old filler.

    I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to watch the new network once it goes live later this month.  The Screen Savers is already loosing my attention now that Leo has left.  If he leaves the network completely, my motivation level will lower further.  I may stop watching completely out of disgust.  I’ll definitely have to send a complaint on to

  • Disconnectivity

    I apologize for the lack of updates.  It took me longer than it should have to troubleshoot and resolve connectivity issues at the house.  I’m back though, with a bit of a blog backlog.