Long Time, No Linkdump



  • OSDir pointed to a new and improved Markup Validation Service at the w3c.
  • Jeremy pointed to these Pine first use statistics and thinks that we can extrapolate the adoption rate of Unix-like systems from it.
  • I’ve subscribed to the official Google blog.  I’m pretty sure that the version of Rawdog that I’m running can handle it.  Also of note is the recent Blogger relaunch.
  • I just installed the latest version of PmWiki.  I’m still really impressed with the quality of this wiki.  It reminds me a lot of JSPWiki but it’s extremely lightweight (no database requirements)
  • Mobiletracker points to a news story about a Sony Ericsson phone that is 9 cm tall, 3.9 cm wide, and 1.9 cm thick.  That’s a small phone.  It weighs about 69 grams.  NEC also has a slightly larger but much thicker camera phone.
  • FreeCache is the poor man’s Akamai.  More cool stuff brought to you by The Internet Archive.
  • Slashdot carries the news of the first BMW-numbered Pentium M: the M755.  It’s nice to see Intel bit by The Megahertz Myth.
  • Wireless DevNet reports that RenderWare is coming to the N-Gage platform.
  • Michael Yuan has the skinny on the J2ME MultiMedia API on the Nokia 6600 and 6230.
  • The Symbian Q1 2004 results look good.  Very good.
  • Gizmodo links to an article at USA Today.  Will the real Nintendo DS please stand up?