Day: January 30, 2004

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    Please bear with me, as it looks like I’m going to be in linked list mode for the next couple of days.

    • NewLC has heard that the Symbian Exposium 2004 will be held in October.  This has not yet been confirmed.  I’m sure that several Mobitopians will attend.
    • The Chipotle web site sucks ass.  There’s just no other way of putting it.
    • The ladies from Atomic Kitten are taking some time off.  I hope that the break is temporary.
    • Wi-Fi Networking News: Wardriving is not worth a caning.
    • CNet reports (in the most vague terms possible) that Lindows is distributing LindowsLive over P2P networks.  Which networks?  Why not set up a tracker and torrent your heart out?  The article doesn’t really say much.
    • Leo Laporte links to news of Gateway’s $235 Million offer for eMachines.  That sounds a bit low considering how well eMachines is doing.  They’re on a roll, that’s for sure.  I’m drooling over the M6807 right now.  Is that 64 bits in your lap or, uhh…?