Day: January 23, 2004

  • Thumbnails From 3GP Video

    Chris Davies has scripted some PHP that grabs a thumbnail image from a 3GP video.  The cup of tea lives on!  I agree with Chris, it would rock if TextAmerica were to incorporate something like this instead of the canned ‘this is a video’ graphic.

    Excellent work, Chris!

  • On the Ever Increasing Pentium 4 Pipeline

    Slashdot points to two stories by El Reg and ZDNet, which both report that the new Pentium 4 core (dubbed Prescott) will have an even longer pipeline than the previous P4 core, which had a longer pipeline than the previous core…

    Intel isn’t helping the Megahertz myth any.  Now granted, the Prescott core is currently set to ramp up to 4GHz (and may go beyond it), but I suspect that AMD will be able to push through similar benchmarks at a clock speed of 2-3GHz.

    Anandtech has more information about the Intel roadmap and the AMD roadmap.

    I run both Intel and AMD hardware, but have considered myself an AMD boy since the early Slot A Athlon days.  (I did a writeup for the Athlon 800 and also my Tornado 1000 case at Next Dimension Hardware a few years ago)

  • The System is Broken

    Via Amy’s Robot Link Factory, The Mercury News:

    Bill Janklow, who dominated South Dakota politics for three decades as governor and then congressman, was sentenced to 100 days in jail Thursday for a car crash that killed a Minnesota motorcyclist and ended Janklow’s career in disgrace.

    I actually thought that the system was working when a senator who runs a stop sign at 71 mph, killing a motorcyclist, is actually convicted of the crime.  After 30 days, he will be leaving jail for up to 10 hours a day to do community service.

    I remember NPR coverage of the trial.  A woman testified that she had been virtually run off the road when the Senator came flying down that stretch of road a few days prior to the deadly accident.  I remember thinking at the time, “he’s going to find some way to get out of this.”  Well, he did.

    I wonder what the average jail term for second degree manslaughter is?