The System is Broken



Via Amy’s Robot Link Factory, The Mercury News:

Bill Janklow, who dominated South Dakota politics for three decades as governor and then congressman, was sentenced to 100 days in jail Thursday for a car crash that killed a Minnesota motorcyclist and ended Janklow’s career in disgrace.

I actually thought that the system was working when a senator who runs a stop sign at 71 mph, killing a motorcyclist, is actually convicted of the crime.  After 30 days, he will be leaving jail for up to 10 hours a day to do community service.

I remember NPR coverage of the trial.  A woman testified that she had been virtually run off the road when the Senator came flying down that stretch of road a few days prior to the deadly accident.  I remember thinking at the time, “he’s going to find some way to get out of this.”  Well, he did.

I wonder what the average jail term for second degree manslaughter is?