Day: October 18, 2003

  • Quicklinks

    • TyStudio “is a GPL’ed set of tools for extracting, editing, and converting of tivo tystreams to standard video/audio formats. This is done without re-encoding, so its a rather fast process. TyStudio is also entirely standards based; Every component of tystudio can be substituted with your favorite third party software (except tydemux of course).”  Does this work with Series 2 tivos?
    • Must check out Scalado’s stuff later.
    • Nelson on scaling sprites.  Wow, that’s way cool!
    • Copyfight: DMCA vs. Academic Research. “In other words, what the Internet enables in scientific research, the DMCA taketh away.”
    • Simon Willison gets the word out on the Python Web SIG.
    • Dan Gillmor points to Audacity as mentioned by KevinMarks.
    • Jakob Nielsen announces the 10 best intranets of 2003.  If you’d like to get into the details, you can also read the 175 page design annual (with 97 juicy screenshots!)
    • Russ picked up a Saturn Vue.  He had hopped on IRC from the dealership yesterday.  Ahh, technology.  Good luck driving a stick in San Francisco! 🙂
    • PyPI announces the release of Karrigell 1.3 beta.  It is a web app framework (in Python of course) that also includes Gadfly for its SQL backend.
    • I moblogged a soldier going home and a LED sign from the cool parking system currently in beta at BWI airport.
    • Must start reading Hacknot.
    • MT-Blacklist takes care of that pesky comment spam in Movable Type.
  • Console Apps

    I would definately have both Raggle and PyTone in my console-based app dream team.  Who is on yours?

  • Linuxant Broadcom 802.11g Drivers for Linux

    Edd pointed me to Broadcom 54g Drivers for Linux released by Linuxant via a press release posted to LWN.

    It’s not the One True solution, as Edd put it, but it’s a start.  Ideally I’d like to use drivers that were GPL’d/LGPL’d and incorporated into Wlan-ng or the kernel source.  The licensing of these drivers also concerns me a bit:

    * Linuxant is happy to provide free trial DriverLoader licenses, while discussions are under way with hardware vendors to finance development costs. Linuxant hopes that DriverLoader will remain free for end-users.

    This is definately a great product, and very useful, as there are bajillions of Broadcom chipsets out there in the wild.  I’ll definately be keeping an eye on this and other 802.11g Linux projects.

  • The Inquirer Reports from Microprocessor Forum

    The Inquirer has two interesting articles from the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose.  The first is a good roundup.  No major announcements from Intel or AMD, but it covers Transmeta’s Efficeon, IBM’s Power5, and the Fujitsu SPARC64 VI.

    They also show a picture of an 8 way power5 MCM with a total of 144MB of cache.  That’s a monster!