Day: September 22, 2003

  • Roundup: Athlon64, G5, Wireless, Java, Python, Storage, and Design (Oh My!)

    I really need to automate this:

    • CNet: AMD is set to unveil the Athlon64 tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Athlon XP prices are becoming more and more attractive.
    • Emmanuel needs more memory.  Don’t we all?
    • Macworld has more coverage of Virginia Tech’s G5 supercomputer.  Hopefully the cluster will be up and running by October 1 so they can make the next Top500 list.
    • Newsforge covers the ratification of SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) 1.1.
    • They’re having problems with Linux on Opteron over at OSNews.  Hopefully Linux on x86-64 will be ready for primetime soon.  The desktop chips are coming.
    • Wi-Fi Networking News reports that Boston-Logan aiport will have Wi-Fi by next summer.  When will they be done with the Big Dig?
    • Clustered JDBC 1.0beta11 is out.  There are lots of fixes in this release.
    • Python releases:
      • pyTerra allows you to download images from Terraserver the Python way.
      • Twisted 1.0.7 is out, along with 1.0.8alpha2.
      • PyTables, a “hierarchical database for Python” turns 0.7.2 today.
    • Wei-Meng Lee at the O’Reilly DevCenter shows us how to share files with Bluetooth under Windows XP.
    • Jabber news: JEP-0079: Advanced Message Processing is nearing its final version.
    • CNet notes that Network Appliance is selling cheap storage gear: starting around $10k.
    • Zeldman has a design-related roundup today.
    • CGI:IRC rocks (thanks to Frank for the link).  There’s another thing that I can do in any browser now.
  • Catchup Roundup

    I’ve lost some links over the long weekend with and without power.  Here’s what I’ve gathered this morning:

    • Linux on the WRT54G 0.2: put the penguin on your access point.
    • El Reg: G4 iBook? (via #mobitopia)
    • Rawdog, my current RSS aggregator or choice, has been updated to version 1.3.
    • Dealnews: An intel gigabit PCI card for $33.  Not bad at all.
    • Via OSNews, informIT covers installing and using GCC under Linux.  There are examples of compiling ASM, Objective C, Java, and others with GCC.
    • Noble Ape Simulation “creates a random island environment and simulates the ape inhabitants of the island’s cognitive processes.”
    • Reuters/Washington Post: “Galileo Probe Ends in Deliberate Dive”
    • CNN covers Swen, the latest email worm.  I’ve had a few in the last couple of days.  Symantec has more information.
    • The 2004 Nissan Quest is a sweet minivan.  3.5 litre V6, agressive styling (for a minivan), sunroofs galore, dual-screen display in the back (for $1900).  Prices range from $24k base to $38k tricked  out.
    • PyBackend 0.1 is “a relational database backed object development framework written
      in python and released under GNU Library General Public License.”
    • Knoppix STD is based on Knoppix with a focus on security tools.
  • Post-Hurricane

    My box at home was down from Thursday afternoon until late yesterday evening due to a power outage.