Roundup: Athlon64, G5, Wireless, Java, Python, Storage, and Design (Oh My!)



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I really need to automate this:

  • CNet: AMD is set to unveil the Athlon64 tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Athlon XP prices are becoming more and more attractive.
  • Emmanuel needs more memory.  Don’t we all?
  • Macworld has more coverage of Virginia Tech’s G5 supercomputer.  Hopefully the cluster will be up and running by October 1 so they can make the next Top500 list.
  • Newsforge covers the ratification of SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) 1.1.
  • They’re having problems with Linux on Opteron over at OSNews.  Hopefully Linux on x86-64 will be ready for primetime soon.  The desktop chips are coming.
  • Wi-Fi Networking News reports that Boston-Logan aiport will have Wi-Fi by next summer.  When will they be done with the Big Dig?
  • Clustered JDBC 1.0beta11 is out.  There are lots of fixes in this release.
  • Python releases:
    • pyTerra allows you to download images from Terraserver the Python way.
    • Twisted 1.0.7 is out, along with 1.0.8alpha2.
    • PyTables, a “hierarchical database for Python” turns 0.7.2 today.
  • Wei-Meng Lee at the O’Reilly DevCenter shows us how to share files with Bluetooth under Windows XP.
  • Jabber news: JEP-0079: Advanced Message Processing is nearing its final version.
  • CNet notes that Network Appliance is selling cheap storage gear: starting around $10k.
  • Zeldman has a design-related roundup today.
  • CGI:IRC rocks (thanks to Frank for the link).  There’s another thing that I can do in any browser now.