Day: August 16, 2003

  • Consumer Digital SLR Rumblings

    I can’t classify this as an official rumor, and I can reveal my source, but there are rumblings out there that Canon is going to announce internally that they are aiming for a Digital Rebel, a consumer-level (or prosumer) digital SLR camera targeting the sub-$1000 price range.

    If this is true, it could rock the camera industry.  I don’t know any more, but if I find anything out, you know that I’ll post it.  No, my information didn’t come from a website somewhere, but a person.  I just hope that they’re right.

  • Apache Newsletter #1

    The Apache Newsletter, a top-level “what’s going on” style newsletter, edited by Tetsuya Kitahata, is extremely informative.  Here’s a quick rundown:

    This newsletter is an excellent idea.  I don’t think I’ve seen so much information about the various Apache projects in one place before.  Hopefully the next newsletter will be even more informative!

    Quick request: an RSS feed, please.  I don’t need the complete text, I’d just like to know when the sucker updates.  Thanks to Ted Leung for the link.

  • More Than One Way To Skin A Cat


    Microsoft Corp. has pulled the Internet address in an effort to thwart an attack on its systems by computers infected with the Blaster worm, the company said Friday.

    MS: We’ll show that worm that we can beat it.  Let’s take our site down.

    Worm: Mission accomplished.

  • Apache Cocoon 2.1 Release


    The release of the long-awaited 2.1 version of Cocoon on August 13th marks the transition from a publishing-oriented XML/XSLT server engine towards a componentized XML-based web application development framework.

    The Cocoon news page has a little more information.  Keep an eye on Matthew Langham‘s blog, as he might have some more info in the near future.  Also be sure to be glued to the Cocoon Dev Blogs.

  • My Colocated Box Is Down Again

    My colo box has been down for most of the afternoon.

    It’s definately not my box, as has been unreachable most of the afternoon.

    I might swing by in the morning to see what’s up if it’s not fixed by then.

    Mail is bouncing, but at least I don’t have any production stuff on that box yet.

    Hopefully it’s a network outage and not a power outage, as I’d rather not loose my 70 or so days of uptime.