Day: July 21, 2003

  • Blosxom 2.0 Released

    Rael has pushed Blosxom 2.0 out the door:

    I’m thrilled to announce that Blosxom 2.0 has been released today. For those not in the know, blosxom (pronounced “blossom”) is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind.

    He has also rolled out  I’ve been using the 2.0 betas for quite some time now on a test basis, and they’ve been behaving quite well.  Blosxom 2.0 has tons of gooey plugins for your enjoyment.

  • Symbology

    Rod Waldhoff has compiled a list of characters (and their shortcuts) for coding on a Sharp Zaurus.

  • Out To Lunch

    This just in: Russ is out to lunch.  And here I thought it was common knowledge… 🙂

  • Struts and OSX

    Apple Developer Connection has an excellent beginners tutorial on using Jakarta Struts under OSX.  It goes over installation and configuration in the OSX environment and also has a few short examples.

  • Trackback for Radio

    Jake Savin says that UserLand is working on Trackback for Radio, but it’s not out yet.

    Update: Here’s the beta.  Remember, it’s a beta so it could hose your blog completely.

  • New Samsung Mobile Chip

    PocketPC Thoughts notes a Samsung press release announcing a 533MHz mobile chip.  PocketPC’s and smartphones should be seeing this chip around Q4 2003.

  • RedHat 9.0.93 Release Notes


    DistroWatch published the release notes of Red Hat Linux “Severn” 9.0.93.

    Looks like there’s a new beta around the corner and a possible new release in the next few months.

  • RSS Creator

    RSS Creator 1.2 is out:

    RSSCreator is a PHP class that provides an easy way to create RSS feeds from within PHP. RSS 0.91, 1.0, and 2.0 are supported.

    1.2 is a bugfix release, and is darn useful if you need to produce RSS with PHP.

  • Typical Sunday Roundup

    Here’s a roundup from another weekend spent offline:

    • Aaron Swartz has been dodging trains and dealing with parental units to get his site back up.  Somehow I’d like to think that I wouldn’t take a bullet for my server, but right now I’m not too sure.
    • Via Erik, via Mark, Beggregator is an RSS aggregator of some sort.  I don’t have the energy to try it out tonight.  Does anyone have some screenshots to share?
    • Via my friend Adam, Interakt has some interesting php stuff.  He also pointed out Edit-X, some kind of CMS, but the $495 pricetag doesn’t seem worth it.
    • DrBacchus muses on comunnity and open source.
    • Gizmodo points to a Palm C vs. Palm W celebrity deathmatch.
    • is a updater written in *gasp* Perl.
    • There’s a new development release of Armagetron, a pretty slick Tron Light Cycles clone that I’ve been playing since it was featured on The Screen Savers.  It’s got network play too. Much fun.
    • My colo’d server might be down for a few minutes between 10PM and 2AM Eastern time tonight.  They’re upgrading and rebooting all of their Cisco equipment.  This site won’t be affected as I still haven’t transfered it over.
    • I tried to go to my local Sam’s Club today but couldn’t.  Someone had driven an SUV through the front door earlier in the day.  Needless to say, it was closed.