Typical Sunday Roundup



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Here’s a roundup from another weekend spent offline:

  • Aaron Swartz has been dodging trains and dealing with parental units to get his site back up.  Somehow I’d like to think that I wouldn’t take a bullet for my server, but right now I’m not too sure.
  • Via Erik, via Mark, Beggregator is an RSS aggregator of some sort.  I don’t have the energy to try it out tonight.  Does anyone have some screenshots to share?
  • Via my friend Adam, Interakt has some interesting php stuff.  He also pointed out Edit-X, some kind of CMS, but the $495 pricetag doesn’t seem worth it.
  • DrBacchus muses on comunnity and open source.
  • Gizmodo points to a Palm C vs. Palm W celebrity deathmatch.
  • addns.pl is a DynDNS.org updater written in *gasp* Perl.
  • There’s a new development release of Armagetron, a pretty slick Tron Light Cycles clone that I’ve been playing since it was featured on The Screen Savers.  It’s got network play too. Much fun.
  • My colo’d server might be down for a few minutes between 10PM and 2AM Eastern time tonight.  They’re upgrading and rebooting all of their Cisco equipment.  This site won’t be affected as I still haven’t transfered it over.
  • I tried to go to my local Sam’s Club today but couldn’t.  Someone had driven an SUV through the front door earlier in the day.  Needless to say, it was closed.