Day: May 30, 2003

  • Bryce on Mac: Rest in Peace

    MacCentral notes the demise of Bryce on the Mac.

  • If You’re Geeky and You Know it, Clap Your Hands (*Clap*Clap*)

    Via Jim McGee and BoingBoing: Bumperactive.

    Must.  Create.  Geeky.  Customized.  Bumper stickers.

  • PHPX Content Management System

    Via Freshmeat, PHPX 1.0.0 (PHPX Lite) has been released.

    From the freshmeat description:

    PHPX is a Web portal system, blog, Content Management System (CMS), forum, and more. It is designed to allow everyone to be able to have feature-rich, interactive websites even if you do not know a bit of programming. Some key features include fully-integrated forums, downloads, an image gallery with slideshow and auto-thumbnailing, support ticket system, a GUI interface for Web page content management, news with topics and instances, and a whole lot more. It allows you to fully customize the look of your site.

    PHPX has good clean lines in a not quite *nuke kind of way.

  • Waste Wasted?

    CNet notes that AOL’s Nullsoft has pulled the download link for Waste.  Email me at m croydon (one word) at comcast dot net (my main email is down) and I’ll get a copy up and point a link.  Does anyone have the Linux version stashed?

    Update: Dave has the windows version online.  Does anyone know AOL’s motivation for pulling it, besides the obvious one?

  • Interview with Fyodor

    I’m slowly reading a Slashdot interview with Fyodor, the creater of nmap.  It is by far one of the most detailed interviews I have ever read on Slashdot.

    I’d highly suggest reading it if you’ve got even a minor interest in computer/network security.

  • J2SE 1.4.2 Bugfixes


    Over 2700 bugs were fixed in J2SE 1.4.2. This article tells you about the most important ones, as well as about the long-awaited upgrades to the user interface, toolset, and look-and-feel. There’s also support for Active-X Bridge and Linux ALSA!

    Also note that Sun is monitoring how much traffic they get from their RSS feeds.  Observe the following URL:

    I wonder if someone has to justify the bandwidth that their RSS feeds consume.  I hope not, but it wouldn’t suprise me.

  • Canon PowerShot G5?

    Gizmodo notes rumors of a Canon G5 (5 megapixel G3 replacement).  Nikon just announced their Coolpix 5400 (5mp/4x/$799).

    Time for Nikon and Canon to go head to head again!

  • Changing Land Use

    ScienceDaily News:

    COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Land use changes in the United States are responsible for a significant portion of the country’s temperature increase over the past five decades, says a University of Maryland study published in this week’s issue of the journal Nature. The findings suggest that land use changes are responsible for more of the rise in global temperatures than scientists previously had thought, say authors Eugenia Kalnay and Ming Cai, scientists in the university’s department of meteorology.

    If correct, it’s not great news, but it’s always nice to hear about research coming out of College Park.

  • Creating XML With Python

    This morning I wrote up a quick tutorial on producing XML with Python.  There seems to be many resources on parsing XML in Python, but very few articles/howtos on actually creating it.  Here’s the sample code from the first part of this hopefully multipart tutorial:

    from xml.dom.minidom import Document

    # Create the minidom document
    doc = Document()

    # Create the <wml> base element
    wml = doc.createElement(“wml”)

    # Create the main <card> element
    maincard = doc.createElement(“card”)
    maincard.setAttribute(“id”, “main”)

    # Create a <p> element
    paragraph1 = doc.createElement(“p”)

    # Give the <p> elemenet some text
    ptext = doc.createTextNode(“This is a test!”)

    # Print our newly created XML
    print doc.toprettyxml(indent=”  “)

    You can find the output of this program and some links in the article.  Murphy willing, more will follow.

    Update: The code listing should be fixed.