Day: May 20, 2003

  • MySQL Runs on Opteron (x86-64)

    From MySQL AB:

    SEATTLE, Wash. – (May 20, 2003) – MySQL AB, developer of the world’s most popular open source database, today announced that the MySQL™ database has been optimized for the AMD Opteron™ processor, the flagship for AMD’s new AMD64 technology platform. MySQL for Linux running on the AMD Opteron processor is now available at the MySQL AB Web site at

    Let’s see: x86-64 + 64 bit MySQL + gigs and gigs of RAM == bliss.

  • Supernova 2003 in DC

    Joi points out that Supernova will be held in DC later this summer.  The conference itself is priced out of my tax bracket, but if Joi and others are going to be in town, it’d be perfect for a weblogger get together.

    I’m sure the Supernova conference is going to rock, so if you can afford it, definately check it out.  Check out the schedule and list of speakers if you don’t believe me.

  • Nokia 6108

    Mobiletracker dishes about the Nokia 6108 pen-based camera.  Mobiletracker has more rumors about the phone which probably won’t be anywhere until Q3 2003.

    Estimated time until this phone hits the United States: Forever.

  • NTFS For OpenBSD

    Via OpenBSD Journal, for those on the bleeding edge, NTFS support has been commited to the OpenBSD cvs.  It’s read-only for now, but is definately helpful.

  • A Little of This, a Little of That

    • I was in a store at the mall the other day and noticed that Playstation 2’s are down to US$179.  I’ll probably wait for the newest incarnation (some chip redesigns) which is expected to ship with the broadband adapter for $199 in June.
    • Wordlog 1.3: “Wordlog is an weblog written in PHP and backed by MySQL. It is entirely ASCII based and standards compliant. Features include: multi-user support, a threaded reply system, on the fly administration, user profiles, and more!”
    • Greg has the NewsGator 1.2 release details.  Check it out!
    • Phillip Greenspun: “After two days of touring Wales, a country that apparently has yet to discover the mixing faucet, it has become apparent that there is better mobile phone coverage in the remotest sheep pasture or coastal outcrop than in downtown Boston. How can such an otherwise backward place be so far ahead of the U.S. technologically?”
    • This Gizmodo piece makes me think, “But mommy, Mickey says I should see the Tiki Birds two more times!”