Day: May 15, 2003

  • Extreme Optimization

    Yesterday Mike Sax wrote a great entry about a concept that I was not familiar with previously, extreme optimization:

    My brother Jeffrey has started a new consulting business, based on the concept of Extreme Optimization.  To illustrate a few extreme optimization techniques, he wrote a Code Project article that looks at the problem of mapping an IP address to a country code.

    He takes already optimized C# code and applies Extreme Optimization, reducing memory requirements from 10MB to only 3MB, and making it 13 times fasterThe article and all the C# source is on Code Project.

    Thanks for pointing that out, Mike.

  • Linking the Matrix Universe

    There’s a great link between one of the yet-unreleased Animatrix shorts (I won’t say which one here to avoid spoilage) and Reloaded.  It’s truly wicked.  Feel free to email me if you’d like to know which short I’m talking about.

    Also thanks to Steve Makofsky for a link to the Revolutions teaser [potential spoilage if you haven’t seen Reloaded].

  • Regal Entertainment Group

    I’m quite upset at the projector jockey at the Regal Entertainment Group’s theatre at Marley Station in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  I saw a 10:20 showing of Reloaded (go see it).  As hoardes of people left the theatre as the credits rolled, I stayed in my seat.  I had read several places that there was a teaser trailer for Revolutions after the credits.  Much to my dissapointment, the projecter jockey turned the projector off halfway through the credits.  I stayed for a few minutes hoping to file a complaint with a manager, but I couldn’t find anyone that worked there.

    I’d just like to say a quick “YOU SUCK” to the projector jockey who decided to go home a few minutes early.  We sci-fi geeks live for things like this, and you denied it to us.

    I’ll try to complain as far up the chain of command that I can, but I have a feeling that I’ll be wasting my time.

    Watch your back, projector jockey.

  • Returned From Reloaded

    Go see it.

  • Reloaded

    Off to see The Matrix Reloaded.  Who cares if it doesn’t open until tomorrow!