Regal Entertainment Group



I’m quite upset at the projector jockey at the Regal Entertainment Group’s theatre at Marley Station in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  I saw a 10:20 showing of Reloaded (go see it).  As hoardes of people left the theatre as the credits rolled, I stayed in my seat.  I had read several places that there was a teaser trailer for Revolutions after the credits.  Much to my dissapointment, the projecter jockey turned the projector off halfway through the credits.  I stayed for a few minutes hoping to file a complaint with a manager, but I couldn’t find anyone that worked there.

I’d just like to say a quick “YOU SUCK” to the projector jockey who decided to go home a few minutes early.  We sci-fi geeks live for things like this, and you denied it to us.

I’ll try to complain as far up the chain of command that I can, but I have a feeling that I’ll be wasting my time.

Watch your back, projector jockey.