Day: March 13, 2003

  • WS-WTF?


    A new proposal from a group led by IBM and Microsoft could conflict with an earlier plan for reliable Web services messaging.

  • Slashdot Roundup

    A few notable Slashdot articles today:

    Mozilla 1.3 has shipped.  Grab it here.

    Mandrake will release Corporate Server 2.1 (based on Mandrake 9) with x86-64 support.  The press release is here.

    Also, Red Hat announced several enterprise-level operating systems, including AS (advanced server), ES (entry level), and WS (workstation).

  • Sick

    Long story, but I’m not feeling too well today.  Hopefully things will improve.

  • Welcome Feedster

    Feedster!Scott announced the official launch of feedster, the RSS search engine formerly known as Roogle.

    I miss the voyeur tab, though I’m sure it screamed for abuse.  I’d be really interested in a periodic summary of metadata ala the Google Zeitgeist, as I’m still curious about what people are searching for and how much data from RSS feeds are being indexed.

  • Opteron Model Numbers


    The chipmaker on Thursday announced a new matrix of model numbers for its forthcoming 64-bit chips for workstations and servers. Instead of using a four-digit model number, similar to the scheme for its Athlon XP processor for PCs, the company chose to identify the new chips with a three-digit model number–resulting in models such as the AMD Opteron 140 Series–as a way to depict each particular chip’s capabilities.

    Dude, does your box have a Hemi?

  • Looking Into BitTorrent

    Roger got me interested in BitTorrent this evening.  I was curious about the anatomy of a .torrent file, so I dug into from the BitTorrent source distro.  It’s all in python (with wxPython for GUI), so I felt pretty comefortable.  I put together a tiny little script that pretty much uses bencode to grab a .torrent file, analyze it, and print it to the screen:

    Connecting to
    Piece length: 262144
    File Info:
     Path: ['AUSA-1x06_-_get_the_latest_episodes.txt']
     Length: 342
     Path: ['']
     Length: 220427748

    Here’s, released under the MIT license, which is the same license as BitTorrent itself.  It requires from the source distro to be in the same directory as btinfo.  It’s a few dozen lines of code and is dumb simple to use:

    Usage: C:/py/ url.
    Example: C:/py/torrent/

    I’m planning to play around with BitTorrent a little more in the future, stay tuned.

  • The Sony Z1

    Sony Z1Steve Makofsky:

    Could it be? A PC manufacturer designed a cool looking laptop, with all the bells and whistles? A Powerbook-like laptop for PC users!? Check out the new Sony Z1 laptop:

    Based on Intel Centrino, 1.3ghz
    4.7 lbs, 40gig, 256MB-1024MB RAM
    14.1″ screen at 1400×1050!!!
    Slim built in CDRW/DVD
    Built in 802.11b, 10/100BT Network, Modem
    Built in VGA connector
    PC Card slot, 1394, USB 2.0
    6 hr battery life (12hrs w/ double capacity battery)

    The Sony Japan site indicates it has Bluetooth aswell. There’s even a teaser video now available.

    Im drooling. I think I just found my next laptop.

    I caught some teasage the other day, but it’s nice to see some specs.  It’s also nice to finally see ultralight ultrathin notebooks that don’t run Pentium III 800’s.

  • AMD’s Answer to Centrino


    AMD now offers three categories of processor for notebooks grouped under the Athlon XP-M brand. It labels them “desktop replacement,” “standard,” and the new “low-voltage”. AMD plans to make a desktop replacement in the notebook computer market using the Barton Core, a technology designed to double the CPU Cache.