The Sony Z1



Sony Z1Steve Makofsky:

Could it be? A PC manufacturer designed a cool looking laptop, with all the bells and whistles? A Powerbook-like laptop for PC users!? Check out the new Sony Z1 laptop:

Based on Intel Centrino, 1.3ghz
4.7 lbs, 40gig, 256MB-1024MB RAM
14.1″ screen at 1400×1050!!!
Slim built in CDRW/DVD
Built in 802.11b, 10/100BT Network, Modem
Built in VGA connector
PC Card slot, 1394, USB 2.0
6 hr battery life (12hrs w/ double capacity battery)

The Sony Japan site indicates it has Bluetooth aswell. There’s even a teaser video now available.

Im drooling. I think I just found my next laptop.

I caught some teasage the other day, but it’s nice to see some specs.  It’s also nice to finally see ultralight ultrathin notebooks that don’t run Pentium III 800’s.