Day: January 20, 2003

  • 1200 bps

    Reverand Jim:

    Yes, that’s right, 1200 baud.

    I used an HP 1200bps external modem.  To connect to BBSes.  When I was in elementary school.  I remember tearing through the latest Focke’s BBS list.  It was the definitive guide to DC-metro BBSes.  I’d print it out on my Okidata dot-matrix printer on fan-folded continuous feed paper with the holes on the sides.  Then I’d grab a pen or pencil, mark up some interesting BBSes, fire up Procomm and try to connect.

    Fidonet.  LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon).  TradeWars 2002.  SysOPs.  Wildcat!  WWIV.  RemoteAccess.  Renegade.  Fidonet.  Commander Keen.  Wolfenstein 3D.  Lemmings.  1200.  2400.  9600.  14.4.


  • Baby

    Good luck Sam and Sue.

  • Wireless Automotive Area Networks

    Wi-Fi News:

    See the USA with a Wi-Fi array: I’m trying to hard to fit the jingle to the story, but automotive Wi-Fi may take off, with units in the car talking to mobile components to transfer music, misc. Imagine having a gateway in your car that provides an Car Area Network (CAN). Imagine bridging the CAN to GSM/GPRS as needed. Imagine bridging the CAN to a hot spot location when you’re near one. Imagine that you can do that today with…a Macintosh running OS X or a Windows XP box with the right hoo-ha. But in-car, permanent components would be better. [via TechDirt]

    I wouldn’t use CAN, as CAN in Automation has that acronym covered.  I wouldn’t use CANOpen either.  I stumbled across the technology which is usually carried over an RS-232 or similar connection and usually connects components and sensors at a very low level.

    Random: I found out about the stuff at a real time and embedded conference several months ago.  How about WAAN?

  • Nokia Battery Life


    Be smart and have longer battery life. Works for me.

  • Mono Debugger Released

    Here’s the scoop from the mono site:

    • After six month of extensive development, Martin Baulig has released the first version of the Mono debugger. The Mono debugger is written in C# and can debug both managed and unmanaged applications, support for multiple-threaded applications and should be relatively easy to port to new platforms.
    • Details of the release are available in post.
    • The debugger contains both Gtk# and command line interfaces. The debugging file format used in Dwarf (its already supported by our class libraries and the Mono C# compiler; To debug C applications, you need a recent GCC, or to pass the -gdwarf-2 flag to gcc).
  • 802.11__insert_something_here__

    Wi-Fi News has some greate coverage of the future of 802.11(insert something here).

  • Newest Red Hat Beta


    Late last night Red Hat made available on its ftp web site a new beta of its upcoming Red Hat Linux 8.1 distribution, codenamed Phoebe 8.0.93 (they used the same codename as in the first beta a month ago (8.0.92)). ISOs here, documentation, release notes.

    I’ll hold off until 8.1, but from the looks of things, it shouldn’t be too long.

  • Phoenix Themes

    Wow, there are a lot of themes available for Phoenix. [via Sean & Scott]

  • Secure Mail Relaying

    Jeremy Zawodny has set up a mail relay using Exim that he can access from anywhere using SSL.  Nice!

  • LinuxWorld Hype


    Linux advocates will convene at a trade show in New York this week to promote their wares, tout customers, swap business cards and make their case that the operating system is growing up.

    We’ll see.  Recent ‘trade shows’ that I have attended in recent years have been a poor imitation of conferences past.  This holds true for PhotoPlus East and PCXPO.  Linux is getting bigger and bigger though, so I’m not sure how the show will be.

  • Usability

    Jeremy Zawodny:

    Controls in the cockpit that do very different things should look and feel different. Ask and usability expert abou that one.