Day: January 2, 2003

  • I’m FOAFed

    Here’s my logic.  I figured that if Russell got around to FOAFing himself, it was time for me to do the same.  Here’s my FOAF, I’ll put it in my template over the weekend.  I’ll also add more FOAFers that I read.

    IAAM: I am Acronym Man.

    A little hackery with Python and rdflib is in order.

  • Derivative Works

    LinuxJournal discusses derivative works.  It made my head spin, though getting sick might have something to do with it.

  • Welcome to the Collective

    Sam Ruby to Ken Coar:

    Welcome to the collective.  Joe created a tasty morsel.  You picked it up and put a copy in your pile, with a rich pheromone trail back to the source.  Now others can do likewise.  This even works with two year old nuggets that are quickly picked  up by others and dropped into their piles.

  • Caterpillar

    Masukomi has released Caterpillar:

    Caterpillar is my latest creation. I took ThinRSS and gutted it. Now it can be modified to read and display ANY XML document that can be conceptually broken up into a series of items, like RSS and RDF news feeds.

  • Python Tweakings

    I snagged the latest IDLEfork this morning and updated my ftplib example to download something smaller than a 5 meg file.  It worked great on my dev box on cable, but it took a long time on a box at work running DSL, and I thought of the poor dialup users.  That’s fixed, it now downloads a file that is a couple of hundred k.

    I like IDLEfork so far, it seems to perform well.  I wound up having 4 or 5 windows open at one point, as it seems to spawn a new window for each file opened or script run.  I like progress though.

  • Toronto and Texas

    Good luck, Jim.

  • Modified Foosball Tables and Darboards

    Slashdot points to a pretty cool Foosball mod.  It is connected to a computer running Macromedia Director which keeps score on an LCD screen.  This project can only be eclipsed by the Dartboard IP project at Harvard.  It features a much more over-engineered system and projecting information semi-relatime back onto the dartboard.

    While searching for the original article (which aired Feb 20, 2002), I also stumbled upon a ‘weblog’ post about spending 16 hours in a Home Depot. I know that I pointed to it in my journal at the time, but it’s really amusing to have two things randomly associated via Google.  The kid who did the Home Depot stay is a teenager, so expect a potty mouth.  You have been warned.

    6:35AM: I like the light aisle. Have a funny feeling that I will be spending a lot of time here.
    7:10AM: There are many birds inside the store. This is getting very scary.

  • Python Ftplib Example

    This evening I wrote a simple script that hopefully explains Python’s ftplib a little bit more than your typical example.  For some reason, I couldn’t find anything approaching a comprehensive example of using ftplib on the web.  This article is aimed at Python newbies who are looking to do something useful with ftplib.

    So here’s my first semi-in-depth piece of 2003: Beyond the Basic Python Ftplib Example.  You can also look at the GPL’d source:  Don’t let the name fool you, it’s still very basic, just slightly more in-depth than current online tutorials.  Hopefully I’ll be able to expand upon this in the future.

  • Scrambled Eggs

    Here’s my quick wrapup of stuff that came down the RSS today (and previously), which I spent mostly offline: