Modified Foosball Tables and Darboards



Slashdot points to a pretty cool Foosball mod.  It is connected to a computer running Macromedia Director which keeps score on an LCD screen.  This project can only be eclipsed by the Dartboard IP project at Harvard.  It features a much more over-engineered system and projecting information semi-relatime back onto the dartboard.

While searching for the original article (which aired Feb 20, 2002), I also stumbled upon a ‘weblog’ post about spending 16 hours in a Home Depot. I know that I pointed to it in my journal at the time, but it’s really amusing to have two things randomly associated via Google.  The kid who did the Home Depot stay is a teenager, so expect a potty mouth.  You have been warned.

6:35AM: I like the light aisle. Have a funny feeling that I will be spending a lot of time here.
7:10AM: There are many birds inside the store. This is getting very scary.