Day: December 23, 2002

  • XFree86 4.3.0 Soon

    XFree86 4.3.0 just around the corner:

    The snapshot, which should become the 4.3.0 release after bug testing and their appropriate fixes have been applied can now be found in our repository. It is tagged in our public CVS server as xf-4_2_99_3. Inquiries and issues should be directed to the Xpert mailing list (you need to subscribe before posting); bug fixes should be clearly marked that they are pertinent to this release and submitted to Binaries will becomes available as they uploaded by our members; this should be completed by 24 December 2002. If bandwidth is a problem please use our mirrors.

    [via PCLinuxOnline]

  • RTP Roadtrip Eve

    As I said about a week ago, I’m going to be daytripping down to the Research Triangle Park area for lunch with a bunch of RTP bloggers.  The DC to RTP distance is just a little longer than the San Louis Obispo to San Jose trip that I made while I was in California over the summer.

    I drove four hours each way from SLO to San Jose in order to visit the geek Mecca of Fry’s.  Tomorrow I’ll be driving to North Carolina in order to have lunch with a bunch of bloggers.

    I’m a geek.  A hopeless geek.

    Note to self: You’ll probably get better gas mileage if you take that monitor and Sparc crap out of your trunk.

  • Creative Commons RSS 1.0 Module

    Ben Hammersly:

    The latest draft of the RSS 1.0 Creative Commons module is up. After a great deal of good thinking from Shelley Powers (who added Creative Commons licenses to here stuff today) and many others over the RSS-Dev list and other blogs, I’ve made some pertinent clarifications. Of course, if anything is unclear, or you disagree with something, I’d love to know.

  • 2002 Real-Time Linux Workshop

    LinuxDevices has put abstracts and papers from the 2002 Real-Time Linux Workshop online.  Lots of embedded and real-time goodies to trawl through. [via NewsForge]

  • SOAP RSS Validator

    Sam Ruby allows us to validate our RSS with SOAP:

    Well now you can.  Simply POST your feed to the RSS Validator.  Since this code is liberal in what it accepts, neither a SOAP Envelope nor a SOAP Body is required.  Since it is conservative in what it does, you will always receive either a fully compliant SOAP response or a SOAP fault back.

  • NVIDIA releases Cg Compiler 1.0


    NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced the availability of the NVIDIA Cg Compiler version 1.0. The NVIDIA® Cg Compiler is designed to generate real-time shaders from the high level shading language syntax developed by NVIDIA. The Cg Compiler version 1.0 is compatible with Microsoft DirectX® 9.0, released earlier today. NVIDIA’s Cg Compiler generates code for both DirectX and OpenGL® platforms and is compatible with any graphics processing unit (GPU) that is OpenGL 1.4 (or higher) or DirectX 8.0 (or higher) compliant.

    I’ve heard mixed things about Cg.  Some people think that it might change the world, other poeple think that it’s not quite right.  Time will tell.

  • Ingo Blogs From Exchange Server 2000

    Ingo “Mad Scientist” Rammer has pulled it off again.  He’s blogging using Exchange Server 2000.  The screenshot included in his post looks like an enterprise weblogging app.  Truly wicked.