NVIDIA releases Cg Compiler 1.0




NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced the availability of the NVIDIA Cg Compiler version 1.0. The NVIDIA® Cg Compiler is designed to generate real-time shaders from the high level shading language syntax developed by NVIDIA. The Cg Compiler version 1.0 is compatible with Microsoft DirectX® 9.0, released earlier today. NVIDIA’s Cg Compiler generates code for both DirectX and OpenGL® platforms and is compatible with any graphics processing unit (GPU) that is OpenGL 1.4 (or higher) or DirectX 8.0 (or higher) compliant.

I’ve heard mixed things about Cg.  Some people think that it might change the world, other poeple think that it’s not quite right.  Time will tell.