Day: November 7, 2002

  • Radio and Lynx

    Hmm, it looks like I lack a rich text editing box while posting to my weblog from lynx. Funny that.

  • Looks like Dave is on the verge of releasing an XML-RPC interface to Radio’s aggregator.  Sounds like I’ve got an excuse to actually follow through on a project now…

  • Apache::ASP 2.47:

    Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the Apache Web Server with Perl as the host scripting language. Apache::ASP allows a developer to create dynamic Web applications with session management and embedded Perl code. There are also many powerful extensions, including XML taglibs, XSLT rendering, and new events not originally part of the ASP API.

    Major speed improvements of 15-20% were made. Memory utilization was slightly reduced. Bugfixes were made, and the code was cleaned up.

    Cool project, thought it will probably loose relevance over time unless it supports ASP.NET, which is quite a task.

  • Greg Klebus:

    Ana bought one of woman’s magazines, and guess what – it had a “Notting Hill” DVD as a bonus. The magazine was less than $2. Sure, the title is not new, but anyway. We watched it yesterday with great pleasure.

    Boy, could they do it regularly. Better still, could DVDs cost less?

    I bought a few boxes of Cheerioes recently.  One had two episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House (a personal favorite of mine), another was Muppets Take Manhattan.  I think this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

    Where oh where oh where is Shadow?

  • Dave Winer:

    Today’s innovation in AggregatorLand will allow people to create user interfaces for UserLand’s engine in any language or environment. In Flash, .NET, Java, DHTML, Cocoa, Python, Tcl, Perl, you name it. People want every kind of user interface imaginable. We want to leverage the work we’ve done in aggregation engines across all possible environments.

    Bring it on!

  • John Udell on putting the Web back into Web services

    Occurrences of the term “web-friendly” in the SOAP 1.1 spec: 0
    In the SOAP 1.2 primer: 9

  • CNet/Margaret Kane: Portal software maker Epicentric has changed its stance regarding a patent on a key Web services standard, paving the way for its approval.

    An Epicentric representative said the company will be amending its stance, saying that it no longer believes it has related patents and that, regardless, it believes the technologies should be available on a royalty-free basis.

    “Epicentric as a whole believes that for standards to succeed, all participants should offer any patented technology in the standard on a royalty-free basis. And at this time, Epicentric is amending our statement via W3C to be royalty free,” the representative said.

  • Exult:

    After four years of work by more than a dozen developers, and with help from hundreds of users, Exult, the engine that lets you play the classic game Ultima 7 on almost any modern computer, is having its official 1.00 release.

  • Amazing Stats

    The Washington Post this morning has an article in the sports section about Morgan Wootten, basketball coach at local high school DeMatha.  He’s retiring.  He coached 46 seasons and has an amazing record of 1,274 wins to 192 losses.  Wow.

    Wootten’s most famous victory, which established the school’s national reputation and brought wide attention to high school sports in general, came in 1965, when DeMatha broke the 71-game winning streak of New York’s Power Memorial, led by the young sensation Lew Alcindor, later Abdul-Jabbar.

  • What has Reverend Jim been up to lately?

    GoFoR the Aggregator. My RSS Aggregator, GoFoR (thanks to Rockbugg for the name), is nearing completion. You can see it in action if you’d like. There is still lots of debugging information there and the admin interface hasn’t even been started so changing subscriptions requires editing files by hand, but it’s getting there. If you notice any problems, see anything that is horribly wrong, or if you just like what you see, please let me know.

    I’m all about the homebrew aggregator.  It looks like he’s consuming my feed just fine.  I really do need to start adding titles to each entry.  On that front, I also need to redo the templates for this site.  I really want to do something from scratch, but finding the time for it is always hard.

  • Havoc Pennington on how to get your feature/patch/submission added to an open source project. [via pclinuxonline]

  • Ingo has some issues with Rotor running on other platforms:

    So, I basically have two issues with Rotor right now:

    • One can’t use it apart from looking at it (which is fine by me …)
    • One can’t extend it without in turn limiting others to only look at the extensions but not use them
  • Paul Berry at Linux Journal has some scary backup stories. [via NewsForge]

  • Leslie Walker of the Washington Post takes the pulse of Wi-Fi in the DC Metro area and beyond.  I need to find a Pocket PC compatible PCMCIA 802.11b card for my Pocket PC.  Any suggestions? [via 802.11b News]

  • Pocketfeed

    Sweet.  An RSS aggregator in the palm of my hand.  Unfortunately, it pukes on about half of my feed list [opml], including the one that Radio produces for me.  It is extremely slick for pre-alpha software, and packs a lot into the tiny ui footprint of Pocket PC.

    I’m not going to complain, free cool software is free cool software.

  • Keith Devens on the Perl 6 weekly summaries:

    I don’t even understand what they’re talking about anymore.

    I think I’ll go for a walk…

  • Adam Curry:

    80% of Amsterdam lost power at about 10pm. I’m in the city and apparently in a 20% area. I still have power, but the cable is out. Our “DataBarn” switched to battery power and now is up on the generators, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMSIX) took big hit and it took about 30 minutes for the routers to re-route. Self repairing networks. Pretty nifty.

  • PHPBuilder: How to build a mailbot in PHP.

  • Classic Simon Fell:

    Rotor. Now that the OS X port of Rotor is available, and there’s faster & cheaper PowerBooks available, there’s no excuse for not owning a Mac!