Day: November 6, 2002

  • SAML 1.0


    The OASIS interoperability consortium today announced that its members have approved the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) v1.0 as an OASIS Open Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification. SAML is an XML-based framework for Web services that allows the exchange of authentication and authorization information among business partners. SAML enables Web-based security interoperability functions, such as single sign-on, across sites hosted by multiple companies.

  • Linux World Expo

    I registered to attend today.  The expo part doesn’t cost any money.  The part that they are charging $895 for doesn’t seem to be worth anything to me personally.  It’s Januaray 22-24 at the good old Javits center in New York.  Will I see anyone there?

  • CNet/Dawn Kawamoto: The Fed cuts interest rates.

    Following a string of recent weak economic reports, the Federal Reserve cut rates by 50 basis points, lowering the federal funds rate to 1.25 percent. The funds rate is the interest banks charge each other for overnight loans.

    When do we get into negative numbers?

  • Russell Beattie points to Anthill, which was pointed out to him by Mike.  Anthill is like ‘cruise control’ for Ant, scheduling when the project is built and then posting the results.

    Mommy!  Russell broke the build again!

    As a side note, recently got a facelift.  The new site loaded about twice as quickly as the old graphics-intensive site and looks a lot cleaner imho.  Great stuff.

  • Snort Enterprise Implementation.

    The purpose of this guide is to document the installation and configuration of a complete Snort implementation. This guide contains all the necessary information for installing and understanding the architectural layout of the implementation. Story (Article is a PDF file – Noel)

    The article was written by Steven Scott.

  • Icewalkers reports on EasyKM by Elikya.  It looks like a cool app, though it’s in French, so I don’t understand it.  The blurb on Icewalkers is in english:

    Easy KM is a scalable knowledge management system which is powerful and easy to use. It provides a stuctured document management system, fulltext search, automated PDF reports, statistics and performance indicators, email alarms and fine grained user profile management. It can be easily integrated into distributed systems thanks to its webservice interface and RDF/RSS channels.

  • Doug Kaye says that you have to be over 40 to catch his Mr. Wizard reference:

    What do you get when you combine CBS’ Survivor and the old Mr. Wizard? (You need to be at leat 40 to know that one.) Probably something like this BBC series I found by accident while channel surfing tonight. In this 30-minute episode, five scientists on a tropical island had to use local materials to (a) convert salt water to fresh, and (b) create underwater light. Check your local PBS stations for this worthwhile show.

    For the record, I’m 23, and while in elementary and middle school, I used to wake up by 6am so I could catch back to back Mr. Wizard’s before school.  Freak geek.

  • I’m looking at the November issue of Java Developer’s Journal.  There’s a big ‘ol cover article about Ant in this issue.  Great stuff.  I skimmed the pdf, but I’ll give it a little closer attention when it shows up in hardcopy.

  • John Burkhardt:

    I’m going to my friend’s hose to watch this DVD.  He has a Mac…

  • Daniel Nonte covers North Carolina’s House races in tomorrow’s News & Record.

  • Weblogs and Elections

    With 100% reporting, it’s Coble with 88.81% and Grubb with 11.19%.  Compare this with North Carolina’s senate race where Sean Haugh, the Libertarian candidate recieved just over 1% of the vote.  Or district 12 for the House, where Carey Head recieved just over 1.5%.  Or Alex MacDonald’s 3% in district 13.

    This is significant.

  • Doc:

    Tara Sue Grubb is getting 9 percent of the vote. Hey, that’s a load more than zero. It means almost 1 in 10 voted for her. I call that a major victory.

  • Election results for my state (Maryland) and my county (Montgomery) are available, but are listed as 0% reporting.

  • Here are the Guilford County election results.

  • MSNBC on the Tech Factor in today’s election:

    But will it matter? Below are eight races, including Sanchez vs. Perry, where one candidate has integrated information technology more fully and more smartly than his or her opponent. Many of the candidates with the best technology aren’t on the list — for example Bill Simon and Gray Davis in California — because they are running against each other and cancel each other out. Other interesting candidates aren’t included because they are irrelevant — such as Tara Sue Grubb, a libertarian congressional candidate in South Carolina who publishes a personal blog called tarasue4u.

    I’d hardly call Tara Sue irrelevant.  How many candidates will have weblogs next election?

  • Ed Cone:

    11% Reporting; Coble 86%-Grubb 14%
    27% reporting; Coble 90%-Grubb 10%
    41% reporting; Coble 90%-Grubb 9%

    Still impressive numbers for a Libertarian campaigning against the incumbant.  Ugh!  His website uses powerpoint-style transitions… BLEGH!