Day: October 23, 2002

  • CNet/Declan McCullagh: “WASHINGTON–A proposal to let copyright owners hack into and disrupt peer-to-peer networks will be revised, a congressional aide said Wednesday. “

    Alec French, an aide to bill author Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., defended his boss’ ideas but acknowledged that some critics had made reasonable points about the controversial proposal.

    “He plans to significantly redraft the bill to accommodate reasonable concerns before reintroduction in the 108th (Congress),” French said during an afternoon event at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

    Ahh, Mr. French’s first name is Alec.

  • I snagged AXIS: Next Generation Java SOAP last night at Border’s.  It looks like a good book that will go into a little more depth than the online stuff.  The only problem that I see with the book is that all of the examples and hints are in a DOS/Windows based format with no mention of running Axis on *nix at all (that I have found).  I have a strange feeling that most production Axis installations would most likely be on a *nix-based system, so I would have at least mentioned it somewhere.

    I could be wrong, it could be right there in front of me and I haven’t noticed.

  • Russell Beattie has discovered BNF.  At times I’d like to forget it, but it has its use.

  • Linux Today: Red Hat’s takin’ a road trip.  Here’s the tour site, there’s the journal (though no RSS), and over there you’ll find the planned tour stops.  It looks like I’m scheduled to work during all three of the tour stops in my area, but I might be able to leave work early to hit the November 1 date.  We shall see.

  • XML-RPC is Not Dead Yet (Part II)

    Charles Cook has released a new version of XML-RPC.NET:

    I’ve just uploaded version 0.6.0 of XML-RPC.NET. This contains the changes listed below. I’ve not yet updated the docs. This will take another week or two.

    • Added XmlRpcProxyGen class to dynamically create a proxy object from an interface, i.e. makes hand-coding of proxies unnecessary in most cases. bettyapp sample changed to illustrate this.
    • Can now use an interface to define XML-RPC methods. Can use the same interface to implement both server and client. MathService changed to illustrate use of interface.
    • Default for XML-RPC request and response XML documents is now no explicit encoding, i.e. implicitly UTF-8. Previously the encoding was explicitly specified as UTF-8.
    • Added Encoding property to XmlRpcClientProtocol to set explicit encoding on XML-RPC request and response XML documents.
    • Added Proxy property to XmlRpcClientProtocol.
    • Fixed UserAgent property of XmlRpcClientProtocol.
    • Fixed parsing of double type to be culture independent.
    • Fault response XML document now generated in same way as ordinary response, i.e. will be in same format and encoding.

    [Via Brad Wilson, The .NET Guy]

  • PocketSOAP 1.4 Beta is out.  Slurp it while it’s hot.

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  • TSClient offers a Gnome2 interface for invoking rdesktop, an RDP (Terminal Services) client for XWindows.  It offers a fairly pretty interface that works a lot like Windows’ Remote Desktop dialog. [via freshmeat]

  • Clemens Vasters:

    After toying around with various RSS/RDF feeds over the past few days (I am doing something in that area, but I am not yet ready to say what), my conclusion was that regular expressions are the only way to parse them. It really seems that RSS != XML. Sad.

    Sometimes well formed XML does not exactly mean usable XML.