Day: October 19, 2002

  • Russell Beattie: Three Ingredients.

  • IBM developerWorks: Plug a Swing-based development tool into Eclipse: How to integrate a Swing editor into the Eclipse Platform.

    Learn how to integrate a stand-alone Swing-based editor into the Eclipse Platform as a plug-in. Using simple techniques, you can share resources between the Swing tool, the Eclipse Platform, and various SWT widgets — and these resources can communicate through mutual awareness. Tool vendors who want to bring Eclipse-based development tools to market with a minimal amount of re-coding will also find this article helpful. [via Linux Today]

  • JXTA Protocols 1.0 released. [via Hack the Planet]

  • Hardware Analysis posts an article about building a high-performance web server.  It gets mentioned on Slashdot.  The site now fluctuates between taking five minutes to load or not responding.  Yeah, internet.