Day: October 10, 2002

  • Just a few minutes left

    This dialup kiosk *choked* on my news aggregator page in Radio.  I’ve read pretty much everything from 3pm onward, but I’m running out of time.  I’ll have to read the backlog once I get in front of a computer that can pop up 15-20 windows or tabs.

    Time to secure some snackage.

  • Arrival

    I’m here.  It took the cab driver for-ever to find the place.  Everything went well, happyfun flight on a Boeing 717-200, Airport fast food at Roy Rogers, and blogging at a kiosk for $.20/min.  How much better can it get?

    I really need to venture out to find some food, I don’t think I’ve had anything besides pretzels since this afternoon.  Airplane pretzels, you know– the kind you get with your cocktail cup of soda.  Yeah, I fly discount airlines, can’t afford much more.  I’ll be flying round trip for just over $116, so I can’t complain.

    Things kick off in the morning, and hopefully I’ll be able to blog them either on pen and paper and update at least once or twice a day.  Next thing like this I do is going to require a new laptop, nationwide dialup service, maybe some 802.11 fun.  But for now, I’m poor, and I’m more than happy to be here.  Any respectful blogging addict would pay waaay more than $.20/min for internet access, but don’t tell that to anyone.

    Anyway, I’m outta here, maybe I’ll run into some webloggers tonight, but more likely I’ll have to meet y’all in the morning, as I don’t have a clue what many/most of you look like.

    Reporing from Bedford, Mass, this is Matt Croydon.  🙂