Day: October 9, 2002

  • Scramble!

    Must… Get… Ready… For… Boston!

  • Greg Klebus has been having problems with his SV25 setup:

    This is only to let you know that INDY, and my not blogging for a coupleof days was caused by my fantastic SV25 server, which I’ve been strugglingto get up and running.

    I’m sure he’ll get things figured out.  In the SV25’s defense, I’m sure it’s much more powerful than the Via Eden 500MHz that I’m running.

  • Today is Eldred day.

  • That’s about it for the night.  I have convinced my ancient Pentium laptop (Win95) to take a LAN card, as well as continue to support the 14.4 modem that’s in there.  I’m going to try to find some prepaid dialup access that will work on Win95 with my hardware.  Otherwise I have to dial in long distance to my home box for access.

    I wish I could float a grand or two to buy a new laptop for this conference, I’m going to be hurting without decent web access, groove, disk space, and stuff.  I’ll be bringing pen and paper as well as this crappy laptop.  I’m sure the batteries won’t last too long, so I may end up transcribing my notes/blog entries. 

    I can’t wait to meet everybody at the DevCon!

    Plan for the morning/early afternoon:

    • Get up
    • Check RSS feeds/mail
    • Pack/Breakfast/Shower etc
    • Go to school
    • Find some prepaid net access
    • Get on a plane
  • Ray Ozzie on localhost web services

  • Sam Ruby:

    For a preview of Thursday’s keynote at the devcon, see Mark Pilgrim‘s In praise of evolvable formats.  That might also explain the apparent obsession of late on the topic of RSS.  Hopefully I still have a few novel ideas left that you won’t see first on Mark’s blog.