Day: October 8, 2002

  • Applying Groove Experiments

    As I’m getting stuff together for my flight tomorrow (to attend the Web Services DevCon), I’m thinking about Groove Experiments.  How awesome would it be to have a Groovespace for each of the sessions at an event/conference and having the content of that space stream out to a publicly accessable weblog in real time?  Several people could get together in a Groovespace after (or even during) a presentation to flesh out topics outlined in the presentation.  We could take the next logical step.  We could write code.  We could unleash it on the world.

    Many webloggers will be attending the DevCon.  We will get coverage from many people, but what would it be like if everything was aggregated in one space, with discussion, notes, code snippets, and images right there for everyone?

    I’m tempted to use blosxom and blagg to aggregate everyone’s blog entries, but working in a Groovespace would just rock!

  • Scott Hanselman:

    ‘ToDo: Unsigned Integers not supported

    Ever wonder what happens when you try to port low-level code from C# to VB.NET?

  • Kenneth Hunt points to a micro-atx dual Athlon-MP motherboard.  Rock on!  How about a dual VIA Eden board?  🙂

  • Peter Drayton on Groove:

    If the experimentation with Groove/weblog integration helps us to more seamlessly transition from collaboration to communication and back again, it will advance the state of the discourse, which is goodness.

  • O’Reillynet: Securing Linux: Why It’s Worthwhile and Achievable:

    I don’t presume to know in any definitive way whether Linux is more or less securable than other Unix variants. What I do know is this: Linux is useful, stable, and securable enough to warrant the time and effort required to “harden” it against Internet threats. This article explains some of the reasons I believe it’s both possible and worthwhile to secure Linux for use as an Internet server platform.

  • Are you a smartass?  Design the JIRA 2.0 tshirt and get a couple.

    My entry: JIRA 2.0 – We could have called it Javaanal!

    This is when I start getting really weird goggle searches in my referral log, isn’t it?

  • Sam Gentile:

    A dozen or so of us have been tossing around a lot of great ideas in the Groove Experiments shared space. One of our concerns, of course, is how to seemlessly share our findings publically with a wide public mechanism. Tonight, we decided to re-focus completly in a new direction, one direction. We felt that instead of continuing to be somewhat abstract that it would be better to take one of our ideas, discuss it, form requirements, and start writing code! We have decided to focus on a Groove to Weblog interface. We do realize that there have been two previous partial implementations that we will be looking at: Tim Knipp’s Blogger Tool and the Agora Groovelog. One of the members is looking into those two. We realize that this kind of dump from me here now is not optimal. Ideally we would like to have things available in real-time as they happen publically. Maybe this Tool or Solution will go a long way toward that.

  • Sam Gentile:

    Five of us are at this moment, working from five different places in the world in Groove Experiments doing the Requirements and Design of a Groove to Blog tool. Real time. Amazing. Talk  about Extreme Programming!

    It has been a productive evening.  I need to finish scanning my news and get back to work, cause if you’re bloggin’ you’re not workin’.

  • Ed Cone on Tara Sue:

    There is something powerful about a young, dedicated mother defending the right of women to choose on reproductive rights.

  • Happy Fun Inbox

    I just got the following email from Chris Sells, who’s throwing a weblogger get together disguised as a Web Services DevCon.

    Conference registration begins at 8am on Thursday morning, where you will receive your badge and your copy of the proceedings. The welcome starts at 8:45am and the keynote will begin at 9am. I hope everyone is looking forward to this conference as much as I am. Wahoo!

    On a serious note, I’m really excited about the conference, and getting to meet some of the .NET at web services webloggers is quite a bonus.