Day: October 6, 2002

  • Joe Walnes: Extreme Programming, lego style.

    I was lucky enough to attend an Extreme Lego Workshop last week. It was a three-hour session to give teams the feel of doing XP. It’s designed for members of a delivery team (developers and managers) who are interested in experiencing the XP process first-hand.

  • Gred Klebus has put Red Hat 8.0 on his Shuttle SV25:

    I must say I’m impressed with the new Red Hat. The best looking Linux desktop I’ve ever seen. Fonts are looking decent, even the Postscript ones. Loads of application, including Open Office, new Mozilla, etc.

    I just wish one day Java JREs would be shipped with every Linux distribution…

    I’d really like to see a good stripped-down install of Red Hat 8.0.  We all know it is one of the prettiest Linux distros out there (currently), but how is this going to perform on a headless server?  I’m glad to see a standard GCC3.2 (I think) and not the GCC2.9x-redhat stuff that many people were not happy about.  What else is under the hood?  How does it stack up?

  • Joe Walnes has a good wrapup of CVS goodies.

  • Brian W. Carver:

    Imagine a company, the Rio Idiota Acaparar Agua (RIAA) bottled water company which sells bottled water.  Now the RIAA is extremely worried that people who have bought their bottled water may drink it, fill the bottle back up, and then share it with their friends and neighbors.  The RIAA insists that their customers’ friends should buy their own bottled water, and that sharing water, even if it is of a lower quality than the original, is a violation of the RIAA’s right to be the sole distributor of Rio Idiota Acaparar Agua bottled water.

    There’s more in this analogy for you.  The sad thing is, bottled water was mentioned more than once at the Cato debate I attended. [via Greplaw]