Day: October 4, 2002

  • Paolo announced today that Evectors is distributing an Italian localized version of Radio.  Cool!

  • Steve Loughran: The Wondrous Curse of Interoperability. [via Sam Ruby]

  • Dave Winer:

    Kevin, who works at Apple, says we should wire RSS up to Rendezvous. Basically when someone pops on the network who has an RSS feed, this info would be available to all people on the network. Of course as a Windows user I wanted to know if this would work for me. We’re going to look into it.

    I want one.  I haven’t looked at the code or the docs, but with Apple open sourcing the Rendezvous technology, it shouldn’t be impossible to implement it and extend it on *BSDs, Linux, and even Windows.

  • DPReview posts their Photokina 2002 report:

    Just posted! Our updated Photokina 2002 Show Report covers twenty two manufacturers over five pages of images and product detail, links back to news articles and manufacturers websites. Photokina 2002 was another huge show, but this time had a much stronger digital influence.

  • Would the Chemistry Grad Students Bar the Doors!

    The 2002 Ig Nobel’s have been distributed.  You can look at the telecast.  I usually catch it on public radio (Friday after Thanksgiving).  It’s a blast.

  • Werblog:

    That’s two spams a day for every person on the planet.

  • Mark Pilgrim: The History of the Tilde.

    In fact, Jukka has written a lengthy treatise on why the tilde should not be used in URLs, a treatise which, I feel obliged to point out, contains a tilde in its URL.

    Clearly, the tilde is underappreciated.

    As with every piece Mark writes, you should read it.  Now.

  • Ingo Rammer and several other people that will be atending the Web Services DevCon will be at the Boston .Net Users Group meeting Wednesday night.  My plane gets in at about 4:30 Wednesday.  Murphy willing, I might be able to attend Sam Gentile’s .NET/COM interop guest spot.