Day: September 28, 2002

  • A Klog Apart has a great rundown of ways Google can charge for Google News.

  • John Robb has unleashed a Google search box for weblogs and a Google stock quote macro for Radio.

  • A moment from a day in the life of Jason Kottke:

    While I’m in the shower, I think about what I want to do today. Nothing comes to mind, except for the things I have to do.


  • Loosely Coupled has a great article/blog entry on hosted web services.  Hopefully the hosted web services of today will succeed more than the hosted web-based services of the dot com era.

  • Sam Ruby on the RSS fray:

    And then he talks about parsers which properly handle namespaces as if they are the ones that are broken.

    I thererefore must change my opinon.  Where I previously thought that RSS 2.0 suffered from a simple omission, now I must consider RSS 2.0 fundamentally busted.


  • Dave:

    Yesterday we tripped over what may be a very serious issue in XML. As with many things related to XML, it’s highly politicized, so I’ll try to cut through that and stick with what we know and hope that people will add data they have where I got things wrong.

    Some RSS aggregators choked on Radio’s RSS 2.0 feeds, and Dave is feeling the frustration.  If you’re in the RSS fray, this is a good read.

  • Slashdot: VNC has a new sponsor, and VNC 3.3.4 has been released.

  • PHPortal: A zope-like portal system written in PHP.  Version 0.2.4 (a pre-beta) is out.  From Freshmeat:

    This release is made under the ZPL 1.0 license. It adds a PHPortal method to restrict PHP variables and functions used within the PHPortal Method Object, a PayPal subscription model and software download option in the Members App, and an a internal security check method. The Document Parser “eregi” has been fixed to allow spaces before the close tag. The new Xpc Method (SecMethPermChk) allows internal security access checks.


  • Sam Gentile and Brian Graf noticed that I’ll be at the Web Services DevCon.  Ingo Rammer will also be there, along with a bunch of other webloggers who will be speaking and attending.  It’s gonna be CRAZY!

  • Russell Beattie:

    I’ve also started seeing a bunch of new blogs and block links that I’ve started adding to my daily readings. I’m going to have to start cutting some of those blogs on the left that only update rarely… I’m only interested in constant flow of information and dedicated (addicted) bloggers!

    How long will it take to find out which part of the brain releases what chemical while blogging and aggregating news?