Day: September 24, 2002

  • A Guid to Building Secure Web Applications version 1.1: I haven’t read it yet. Blogging via IE4.0 is not fun. I miss my wizzywig entry editor. [via Linux Security]

  • The schedule for Web Services DevCon has been released. I’ll by flying in Wednesday evening and flying back out Saturday morning.  You can still send them an email mentioning me and you can still get a 50% discount on the conference.

  • Paul Prescod: “Mind the Gap: Web Services Lack a Key Feature.” [via Sam Gentile]

  • Linux Orbit: TheKompany releases clean gui-based Ogg ripper. [via PCLinuxOnline]

  • OSDir: by O’Reilly. It contains reviews and listings of open source software. The great thing is that it’s in blog format. This is definately something to keep an eye on.

    Update: OSDir’s RSS feed is hereSubscribed!

  • Jeremy Allaire thinks about wholistic web services.

  • If you look at the front page of DPReview, it looks like film’s days are numbered. Their Photokina Roundup points to the latest cameras. Also of note is that Olympus and Kodak have put together a new 4/3 format.

  • Take a pill, stay up all nightThe Boston Globe reports.

  • Morse Code Converter in PHP

    I hacked around a little bit this evening and came up with a php script that converts plain text to morse code.  The php file is here and a text listing is here.  It is currently at version 0.0.4 and is open source according to this license:

    Quick and dirty open source license:
    You can use it, modify it, redistribute it, strap it to a llama,
    or whatever you want, just give me some props.  If you fry your machine
    with this code, sucks to be you, I’m not responsible.  I guess you could
    consider this the CPL: Croydon Public License.

    The function textToMorse returns a string and takes a string as an argument.  $string textToMorse($string).  You’ll note that a “/” appears between words.  I think this is convention, but I’m not 100% sure.  I’ll try to complete the conversion from morse to text tomorrow, as well as clean up the quickly hacked together test form.  It’s ugly.

    This was something that I wrote down on a post-it note some time ago.  I thought that this would be a cool set of functions to implement, then I can build two XML-RPC based web services around these functions.  That’s the ultimate goal of the project.  It may seem silly, but I want to work more with web services, and what better way than to deploy one?

    Mental note: find a good php-oriented IDE.