Day: September 22, 2002

  • Online Community Report is running an article on Tara Sue and the weblog campaign movement.

  • Phillip Pearson: Comment Monitor: The Next Generation. (CM:TNG)

  • Dave: “Tara Sue got Slashdotted yesterday.”  Scroll down a little and I got a little second-degree slashdotted.

  • Slashdot: Time to start and stop 100,000 threads in the latest 2.5 kernel (0 to 100,000 to 0): approx 2 seconds.  Rock!

  • End of Life: NetBSD 1.4 gets the big EOL:

    In keeping with NetBSD’s policy of maintaining only the current and most recent release, the release of NetBSD 1.6 marks the end-of-life for NetBSD 1.4. This means that no more pullups are made to the netbsd-1-4 branch and no more security advisories are issued. The NetBSD Project strongly recommends that users of NetBSD 1.4 update their systems.

  • GoFish: A gopher server.  Remember gopher?

  • Dave:

    I’ve given a lot of thought lately to the question of whether I will return to UserLand full-time at some point in the future. I still don’t have a final decision, but I’m leaning towards not going back. It’s a tough job even for people with strong bodies, and that’s not me, now, and maybe not for quite some time. I haven’t been involved in the company since mid-June and it seems to be doing fine. I’d like to try some different things out, perhaps teaching, maybe I’ll write a book, travel, spend some time pondering what’s next. I’m still not sure what I’ll do, but like I said, I’m doing a lot of thinking about this.

    I’m sure that whatever Dave ends up doing, he’ll be stirring things up, be it from the front line or the sidelines.

  • Russ has put his thoughts on a journaling system up at his site, maywhere.

  • Tara Sue reflects on my coverage of the Cato debtate.  My favorite part:

    I’m no pirate.   I’ve never stolen anybody’s eight cents.  I’m protecting our right to privacy.  I’m doing Mr. Coble’s and Mr. Berman’s job—pro bono!  These boys need to head back to law school.  They just don’t get it.

    I found that via Dave while playing catch up.

  • I’m back from Ohio.  Time flew, and it was sad, but it was also great to see some relatives I hadn’t seen in ages.

    I’m catching up.