Day: September 17, 2002

  • Kottke: Font gem of the day: Silkscreen. Intended to tiny use, it’s 100% free. I might just add it to my font arsenal.

  • CRN: Red Hat is readying version 8.0 of its Linux distro.

    Red Hat 8.0, which is code-named Limbo, will offer a spruced-up graphical user interface based on GNOME 2.0 with themes, improved buttons, scroll bars and menus, and updated applications including enhanced versions of the Mozilla 1.1 browser, Nautilus file manager, Open Office office suite and a new Evolution e-mail client, Red Hat said. The company expects to ship the package later this month.

    “You will see a corporate desktop and a single-person desktop,” said Erik Troan, senior director of product marketing for Red Hat Linux. “We cleaned up the look and feel with themes, and Red Hat developed a clean look and that is unified across KDE or GNOME applications. It will be announced reasonably soon.”

    I’ll definately upgrade my 7.2 box when this comes out. [via Newsforge]

  • Mark Pilgrim: The art of the B-Link.

  • Radio Free Blogistan points out Nucleus content management system. This is worth a closer look later.


    The HP Test Drive Program has announced that they have upgraded an AlphaServer DS10 and a ProLiant 5500 to NetBSD 1.6. For more information, see

  • The Washington Post: A really interesting article about keeping birds away from the runways at Pax River.  One guy’s job is as a BASH: “Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard coordinator.”

    Even from a distance, Jim Swift could hear them honking. Two flocks of Canada geese were loitering near the runway at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, a bad place for a bird to be.

  • Bill Carlson: 12 reasons good programmers shouldn’t worry.

    2. Not that many years ago, systems level knowledge was needed to do much of anything. Now, one can make a good living as a developer without knowing what a pointer is. I firmly believe this to be a good thing, but wonder if it means that there will be fewer systems guys “in the pipeline”; just because they don’t have to learn that stuff. I still feel these are valuable skills needed for development that don’t involve dropping DB fields on a web form. [via Krzysztof Kowalczyk]

  • There’s a three minute discrepancy between when the cockpit voice recorder ends and when seismologists have pinpointed the crash.  What’s your conspiracy theory? [via Metafilter]

  • PC Linux Online: Truth and Myth about [SuSe’s] YAST License.

  • pyblosxom: An interpretation of Rael‘s blosxom written in python.  It looks like it is 100% blosxom compatible, and the author, Wari Wahab,  even implemented the humorous RSS 3.0 spec.

  • Geekiest. Enterprise Java Bean jokes. Evar!

    A bunch of 17 year olds – ClassCast, IllegalArgument and ArrayOutOfBounds – decide to chance their arm, and try and get served at the bar. The Bartender takes one look at them, and asks them for ID. ClassCast hands over his fake ID, IllegalArgument hands over his brother Throwable’s ID, but ArrayOutOfBounds doesn’t have any fake ID. The Bartender says “Sorry guys, you’ll have to leave unless I can see some ID”. ClassCast pleads with the barman “can’t you just bend the rules for us ?” and the barman says “Sorry, no Exceptions”.

  • Web Services DevCon

    It’s official. I just signed up for the Web Services DevCon in October.  I was kinda bummed when the SeatsLeft web service still returned 29, the number that was there before I registered…